Distinguished Elegance Inc. made its debut in the wholesale lingerie industry in 2015.  The company formed from an amalgamation of a woman’s fashion consultant and an established lingerie wholesaler. We specialize in the import, wholesale and distribution of quality contemporary women’s lingerie to retail customers across Canada.
Today, we are very proud to carry an extensive selection of European brands that appeal to the Canadian customer’s needs. We are the exclusive distributor of many leading lingerie brands with a reputation and history of dressing some of the most glamorous women of Europe.

Distinguished Elegance Inc. continues to strive for new areas of growth by exploring new distribution channels, product categories and expanding sales.

Retail boutiques across Canada come back to Distinguished Elegance Inc. seasonally for our innovative designs and competitive price points that boost their bottom line. If you are a boutique or distributor looking for an exciting collection with proven sell through, we invite you to contact us.

Though Distinguished Elegance’s brand portfolio is diverse and growing, every label fits into a very specific vision, offering consumers style, quality and unparalleled value. The company continues to evolve every day from its simple roots and goals of bringing European looks and manufacturing regulations to your boutique.


Jessica H.

“My clients were thrilled  with the price point, excellent quality and style for hard to fit full bust sizes.  They loved the European manufacturing guidelines that focus on non-toxic materials ”

Monique S.

“I was so excited to learn that I didn’t have to order a massive quantity of product upfront and the wait times are an unbelievable 5 weeks from order to delivery”

Nicole W.

“I run a small boutique and was thrilled at the level of personal and professional service.  It was such a relief that I can order sizes for up to 3 financial quarters after a line is released in all sizes for my customers instead if telling them its no longer available.”